Catalog & Order Management

  • Maintain a single centralized catalog for all product and service offerings
  • Make your listings intuitive and user-friendly
  • Ensure real-time wireless device catalogue management that helps reduce workload on the administrator
  • Offer your employees a customer experience that is simple and convenient as e-commerce shopping
  • Enjoy customized corporate branding that makes you feel at home

Asset Management & Inventory

  • Maintain updated, real-time inventory of all your wireless assets, users, and rate plans
  • Procure new devices and rate plans across different carriers through one portal
  • Use the standardized MACD – manage, add, change, and delete options to gain complete control
  • Simplify searching and tracking with the solution’s built-in advanced filters
  • Ensure complete compliance with organization rules and regulations

Approval Workflow

  • Flexible configuration of your approval rules and workflows according to company policies
  • Approve requests instantaneously from anywhere, anytime
  • Ensure compliance with corporate wireless regulations and policies
  • Automate notifications and acknowledgements for better coordination without manual effort

Billing Management

  • Generate carrier specific purchase orders and upload invoices efficiently
  • Match invoices to requisitions efficiently to prevent frauds or duplicates


  • Convert data into meaningful and actionable insights through an extensive array of reports
  • Compile complex reports with a single click
  • Configure automated periodic reports to any number of recipients
  • Breakdown invoices and POs for easy comprehension
  • Use the report library or develop custom reports

Integrated Helpdesk

  • Resolve service requests quickly and efficiently using the integrated helpdesk
  • Employees can handle various types of service requests using the automated self-service portal
  • Ensure satisfactory resolution, convenience, and ease of use for employees and service reps
  • Create extensive knowledge base to provide quick answers to common issues
  • Web-based 24/7 access for immediate conflict resolution

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